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‘What no biscuites? I’m a f**king rock star don’t you know!’

Ah the Longpigs, I’m digging them up now. The name comes from term used to describe humans as food, and the band was a former home to Richard Hawley and this album has one of my favourite britpop tracks on it. They only reased two albums and this one arrived in 1999.

Is it track seven?

TRACK SEVEN: Miss Believer

Nope, Blue Skies is the winner for me. In fact to be honest once that one’s over I don’t think much of tracks 3 through to 13.

Sorry if you’re reading, not that you are.



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Accountancy’s loss is rock ‘n’ roll’s gain.

The Hold Steady, a pub band gone good and another Brooklyn based band in my CD collection, sure they’ve bought a lot of Bruce Springsteen albums, but they rock, and the lead singer looks like a middle management accountant, so what’s not to like?

Well in this case, track seven.

TRACK SEVEN: Both Crosses

Starts slow, drifts along, ends up at track eights without much of a fanfare. It’s not that it’s bad it’s just that for one it doesn’t have the line ‘In bar light she looked alright. In daylight she looked desperate. That’s alright, I was desperate too.’ We’ve all been that solider.

For me the single Sequestered in Memphis is the one to skip to this time.


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At least try and look interested in your moody, black and white stereotypical band photo.

I won’t hear a bad word about Interpol. I’m a big fan, but all the songs sound, well, kinda the same. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind this, nothing makes me think ‘there’s £9.99 I won’t see again’ when a bands second album veers off into experimental accordion funk.

But back to track seven,  is it the best of a similar bunch?

TRACK SEVEN: Public Pervert

Sorry, no. For me it’s track two, Evil, that’s Good.


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Black and white, check. Moody, check. Urban, Check. One person staring into space, check. Mother, we’ve got ourselves a band photo.

Ah The Bluetones, let me blow the dust of this one. Another one of Britpop’s list of ‘where are they now?’ well Wikipedia, where are they now? Defunked as of September 2010. I feel bad, I might hunt down their last album. Anyhow back to the Peacock covered memory lane that is Expecting to Fly. It was  released on the 12th February 1996, they expected it to fly, and it did, straight to number one. (That was radio one DJ- tastic wasn’t it.)

How’s that Track Seven holding up after all these years?

TRACK SEVEN: Slight Return

Ladies and Gentlemen we have a winner. For the intro alone it’s a peach of a track seven.


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He won’t fuck you over. He’s Mr. November. You at the back, stop pulling that face.

The National, they make grown up music, just when I’d lost faith someone could. Alligator is my pick of their albums, I know Boxer gets the love, it’s a pretty special album, but Alligator is a classic.

Is seven ‘the’ tune on here?

TRACK SEVEN: Friend Of Mine

I’m to say no, for me there’s Daughters Of The Soho Riots, Mr. November, All The Wine, Lit up…

Ah f**k it. this is a stupid post, there’s not a bad track on Alligator. Skip where you like.

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If you must smoke, be safe. Wear a crash helmet.

I’m a big Tricky fan, and Mixed Race is up there for me with the best stuff he’s done, if he lost a bit of form, this was a return. But what’s the standout track? It was the first single off the album and it is…

TRACK SEVEN: Murder Weapon

We have a winner, OK it’s a little gimmicky using Peter Gunn Theme sample and for some reason the My Way bit at the start grates on me a little, but Tricky pulls it off. What a tune.

Come on… Shine you gun!


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Have you seen Stevie’s new car? No? It’s nice, a blue one, goes dead fast.

I’m going to cut to the chase.


TRACK SEVEN: Big Brother

I have to declare that I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever) is one of my favourite Stevie Wonder songs (along with He’s Mistra Know it All) and Track Seven here is up against that and Superstition and even though fat lasses in mini skirts at 70’s nights have tarnished that a little it’s still a tune. Nope old Number Seven here stood no chance, in fact I doubt it even bothered showing up, just went home and had a little cry.


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